Marriage Breakdown Advice

1. Protect your health

Very few people can go through the breakdown of a marriage without it affecting their health which is why it is important to ensure that you look after yourself, especially if you have children.  It is not simply your physical health that requires attention; your mental state is crucial if your children are to feel relaxed and not tense in your company.  If you don’t have children; if you don’t have that need to make the day as normal as possible it is easy for the breakdown of a relationship to have a major effect on your physical well-being.  The lead up to the breakdown of a marriage and to the separation of your goods and chattels will naturally have an impact on your morale but the effect on your physical heath can be equally damaging.

2. Keep active

There is no doubt that regular exercise is not simply goo for your body it also gives a tremendous boost to your mental health. Exercise has to be combined with eating well which is something that often gets forgotten when one’s guts are metaphorically tied up in knots.  Do not be tempted to grab a burger or other fast foods; take pride in looking good and more especially taking care of your health. If you have children, a healthy mummy or daddy is much more capable of looking after children than a parent who is physically and emotionally rundown; and if you don’t have children, feeling good physically will help you to feel good emotionally.

Marriage Breakdown

3. Do not neglect your friends

Friends often feel awkward when the marriage of a couple they care about breaks down. It is also very easy for you to hide away and imagine that people who were once your friends will not want to see you and will take sides.  Friends often feel hurt and bereft at losing a great relationship and are often more than happy to provide the emotionally support you need at this difficult time.  For many friends, the last thing they want to do is take sides and as long as their is no sense of betrayal emanating from you, friends that keep in touch with both parties can play their role in helping the process of separation and divorce proceed smoothly.

4. Put it all down in writing

Very few people can accept the end of a long relationship without going through the gamut of emotions.  One way to ease the pain is to express it in a journal.  If you write down your innermost thoughts in a book, the process of expression will bring a ray of light to even the darkest of days.  You do not need to ever read your journal but the act of taking up a pen and writing down all your feelings will bring a sense of calm and balance back into your life.  When you feel ready, you can ceremoniously burn your journal and start an exciting new chapter in your amazing life.