Legal Assistance for Driving Offences: Costs and Benefits

Being found guilty of a driving offence could be potentially life-changing; not just through the increased financial pressure from your insurance company but it could also mean losing your licence – if you work in a job that requires you to drive a vehicle, this could leave you without employment or no feasible means of earning a living. To protect yourself from heavy sentences, it’s crucial that you have legal assistance on your side – a lawyer that specialises in motor law is always an ally.

It goes without saying that the penalties must be severe enough to warrant legal protection. It’s not always cost-effective to hire a lawyer for a minor offence, as he or she will be expensive.

Legal Assistance for Driving Offences

The First Consultation is Free

While you consider legal assistance, visit a law firm. The first consultation is usually free, meaning that you can benefit from their guidance, without spending a penny. Hopefully, you’ll find an honest company that will advise you on the benefits of hiring a lawyer, versus the cost ramifications.


Your legal advisor will take control of the case-building process. You will be required to provide any evidence you can of your innocence, but other than that, your lawyer will be in the trenches, protecting you from the clutches of the law. They will check that drug/alcohol tests were performed to the letter, road signs were clear, and that witnesses vouch for you. Only they will fully understand all the loopholes that can save you from a conviction – not all of us can have a degree in law.

Money, Money, Money

Make sure that you clearly establish fees before you sign up with your lawyer. Some firms will offer a conditional ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement and seek out compensation, if you’re found ‘not guilty.’ Of course, you’ll have to budget accordingly, but if you’re fighting a minimal fine, it may be wise to accept guilt and avoid hefty legal costs.

However, if you go it alone, your time will be absorbed by the case and it will be quite a stressful period for you. So you may feel that it’s ultimately worth hiring a solicitor anyway, for peace of mind.

Making Your Decision

There are many benefits to hiring a solicitor, but the greatest advantage is knowing that your case is being handled by a professional. Driving offence solicitors don’t necessarily have to cost you a small fortune and can smoothly get you over any legal obstacles in your path. Plus, they deal with all that annoying paperwork.

You don’t have to be alone in defending your case. But it’s up to you to square off the benefits of a lawyer with the legal costs that this incurs. It’s advisable to hire a solicitor, if your licence is at risk or you may receive a hefty fine/prison sentence. For minor convictions, it’s not always necessary, but this is your call. So do whatever you think is right for you and your case.

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