When to get a Lawyer

Choosing when to get a lawyer can sometimes be difficult. Lawyers can be expensive and so it can be tempting to not take a risk and not pursue the case at all or to try to represent yourself instead,

A very complex case will need an experienced lawyer. Even if you have some understanding of the law and some time to do some research, you could find it very difficult to be able to put together a convincing case. A simple case may not need a lawyer and you will have to decide whether you think that you can manage without one or not.

You might be able to find details of similar cases to yours online, which could help you to make your decision. It is important to bear in mind that every case is different and so you may not find that yours is as simple or complex as the examples that you find.

get a Lawyer

You may decide that the risks of a costly lawyer are too high if you do not have the finances to pay them. You may feel that you would rather forget the case, if you cannot represent yourself, than risk losing a lot of money on legal fees. It is worth investigating if you can get legal aid in this situation as you may not have to worry about the cost in this case. It can also be worth asking about no win, no fee. This is often used for compensation cases, where the lawyer will only receive a payment if they win the case. There may be some insurance to pay for in this situation, but it could be a very much lower cost than may be expected.

Even if you cannot get legal aid and your case cannot use a no win, no fee lawyer, it can still be worth contacting a lawyer. Find out exactly how much they will charge you so that you have some actual figures to consider as you may find that it is more affordable than you might think.

So do not give up on a case because of the cost of a lawyer. There are ways of affording lawyers and they may not always be necessary. Just make sure that you use one for more complex cases or else you may not give yourself a fair chance of winning it.

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