Ascending and Descending Fields of Law

As the economy fluctuates, so does the popularity of things across the nation. The law fields are no exception. At any given moment, things may change and certain fields could shoot to the top of the popularity pool. But what’s hot right now, and what’s not?

What’s Decreasing in Popularity?

Depending on the atmosphere of the economy, the popularity of a specific field of law may fluctuate at any time. Due to the present state of the economy, a stronger reliance on alternative dispute methods and many other factors, some areas of the law are becoming less and less popular.


Going to court costs money. People don’t have a bunch of excess income to use on entertainment, much less heavy court fees. Litigation also requires a lot of time and unneeded stress on both parties involved. Thankfully, petty civil lawsuits are becoming less popular and people are learning how to handle things outside of a court of law.


The economy is getting stronger day by day, and while a sudden shift in the stock market could make this field of law spike again, it’s not very popular right now.

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What’s on the Increase?

A sudden spike or dip in the stock market, a nationwide tragedy or a natural disaster can create a drastic shift in the nature of a practicable area of law. Aside from that, there are certain areas of the law that are continuing to increase because of the rise of technology, sickness and entertainment.

Intellectual Property

With the rise of the Internet, more and more legal assistance is needed in regard to intellectual property laws. Smart lawyers like Morgan Chu, Partner at Irell & Manella LLP understand the importance of digging deeper into this field as it continues to expand into bigger and better things.

Health Care

With recent political movements from the White House, there has been a great demand for health care lawyers this past year. People want to understand what’s happening, and need help if they feel that anything goes against their rights.

Although these are the top and the bottom of the field at the moment, things can change in an instance. People will always need lawyers to represent them in a court, the economy will always shift and need more bankruptcy lawyers. Things may pick up and they may fall back down. That’s the way life works. The key is finding a field of law you feel passionate about and doing the best you can in it.