No Win No Fee Lawyers

No win, no fee is something which is often misunderstood by people. It is something which most personal injury claim lawyers offer to their customers. This is because there is no legal aid for this type of case and so people need a way to make it more affordable.

In no win, no fee, it means that the lawyer will not charge the customer if they do not win the case. This means that there is no risk that they will not be able to afford the fees of the lawyer. If the case is won, the lawyer can be paid out of the compensation awarded.

It is actually quite a simple thing, but some people misinterpret it. They think that it means they will not have to pay the lawyer at all. Often the lawyer will ask the client to buy an insurance before they take on the case. This will cover the fees if the case is lost. Therefore there is some expense, and this amount will be determined by how strong a case the person has. If they lose the case, the insurance will pay out and no fees will need to be paid. However, if they win the case, the fees do need to be paid. Although the court may pay out some fees, the solicitor is likely to request a percentage of the compensation that they have won.

This might seem slightly unfair, but everything will be well explained before the case is taken on by the lawyer. They will make sure that their client is aware of the terms of their agreement and in what circumstances they will be expected to pay and how much. It is wise for the client to ask lots of questions and make sure that they have everything clear in their mind before they sign up. They will sign an agreement with the lawyer to show that they agree with their terms.

It should all be easy enough to understand and the lawyers will be happy to answer any questions that their clients might have. It is a good idea to ask questions and they will be used to answering them.