Why use a Lawyer?

Some people think that lawyers are just too expensive. They think that they will be much better off sorting things out for themselves and saving the money.

There is no doubt that by representing yourself you will save money. However, you have to decide whether they are worth the money that they charge. If you have no knowledge of law, then it will be difficult for you to get the necessary knowledge to put together a good case. A lawyer does not just explain the facts of the case. They also refer to previous cases to back up their points and they know how to present the information in a way which ill work in your favour.

Imagine how you will feel if you represent yourself and lose the case. You will have gone through all of that hard work for nothing. However, if you find an experienced lawyer and they lose the case, you will know that they tried their hardest and you will have nothing to regret as there would have been nothing more that you could have done. You may feel that at least you would not have wasted the money, but if you never try to get an expert to help you, then you will never know whether you made the right decision you made.

Imagine that you needed your house rewiring and you had never even changed a light bulb before. Would you risk your life by doing the job yourself? You would be silly to do it. Then why would you represent yourself in court when you had never done anything like that before, it does not make sense. You are risking a lot by not paying for a lawyer as their years of experience and qualifications will help them to be able to give you the best chance of having a favourable decision made. You will have to work extremely hard to learn everything you need to and prepare yourself. You may not have very long either and so unless you have lots of spare time, you may not be able to fit it all in.

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