How to Set up Your own Law Firm

Working for yourself can seem like an extremely attractive thought to many people. People feel that it means that you can do whatever you like, take time off when you please and make a lot of money. However, in reality, it is a lot of hard work and may not pay well, especially at the beginning. You will have to work hard to find work and then work as hard as you can, often very long hours and until you build up your reputation you may have to charge less. You also have the worries of finding the money to cover the overheads and paying staff.

It is a good idea to not start up your own company until you have had experience of working for someone else. You may like the way they do things and want to copy it or not like it and want to change it. Whichever, your feeling, working for another company will help you to make important decisions about running your own company. It will also help you to build up important work experience and hopefully a good reputation.

You will need to find suitable premises and decide whether you are going to have other staff working with you. You will need to consider how much your costs will be for rent, utilities, insurance, certificates, equipment and things like this and how much work you will need to do to cover those costs and make a decent salary for yourself. Also think about what sort of lump sum you will need to start and where you will get that from. Then you will have to think about how you are going to go about looking for customers and roughly calculate how much profit you can make form each one.

It might seem very tiresome, but you are taking a big step and you need to be sure that it is a wise decision. It may be something you have always wanted to do and you might be really confident that you can get customers, but you still need to make sure that the numbers add up before you make the decision.

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