How to Become a Lawyer

Quite a lot of people like the idea of becoming a lawyer. They are some of the best paid people in the country and so it is not surprising really. However, most people do not realise how hard it can be to get the relevant qualifications and work experience, to be able to be allowed to practice.

You will need to start by having enough qualifications when you leave school to be able to do an undergraduate law degree. It is very important to go to the best possible university that you can, bearing in mind that many barristers graduated from Oxbridge. It is very important to get a good degree grade as well, anything below a 2:1 would not be considered to be very good and it may make it hard for you to get a job.

Once you finish your degree you will need to do a post graduate course which is a vocational one. Therefore you will need to get a job and so it is worth applying during the final year of your postgraduate degree. If you secure a pupillage or training contract then the company you are working for may pay the course fees or give you some money towards them, if you are lucky. If you has a undergraduate degree which is not in law, you can do a Graduate Diploma in Law, in order to qualify you to do a postgraduate course.

The postgraduate course is a year long and you will need to choose the specialist area you want to work in and study that. The courses are hard work and very expensive too. After passing the course a year long pupillage will need to carried out or a training contract for those who do not have a desire to be a barrister. Once you have completed all of your training, hopefully you will find a job at the place you were working at during your course, but if not, you will have to look elsewhere for a position to fill.

So it is hard work and you need to be completely sure before undertaking this gruelling and expensive course.

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