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How to Keep Your Identity Safe from Online Hackers

According to the government, the UK loses approximately £27 billion a year through cybercrime fraud. Powered by increasingly more malicious malware and the culture of social media, cybercrime is becoming an epidemic. And it could cost you a lot of money. But how do you keep your identity safe while you’re online? Don’t Click On Unexpected Links Mainly, PCs get infected with malware by users clicking on a link or… Read Article →

Birth Injuries Are Tragic – Look For Compensation for Your Family’s Struggles

As I try to finish this series on personal injury, my heart is pretty heavy. Seeing picture so families struggling with medical complications in their children is hard, and knowing that many of these complications stem from actual birth injuries makes it even more painful. Let’s be honest — mistakes happen. However, when it comes to our children we trust that the doctor will do everything right the first time… Read Article →

Legal Assistance for Driving Offences: Costs and Benefits

Being found guilty of a driving offence could be potentially life-changing; not just through the increased financial pressure from your insurance company but it could also mean losing your licence – if you work in a job that requires you to drive a vehicle, this could leave you without employment or no feasible means of earning a living. To protect yourself from heavy sentences, it’s crucial that you have legal… Read Article →

5 Top Tips for Preventing Online Fraud

Unless you know a website is reputable and reliable, you could be opening up your bank account to fraud. Be aware that many scammers will do everything they can to get their hands on your personal details and your money. Stay safe online with these top tips for fighting fraud: Do Your Research Before you make a purchase, write down the address and contact information of the company. Use a… Read Article →

Motorbike accident Claims Are No Laughing Matter – Get Them Handled!

The thrill of riding a motorbike cannot be beat — but there are some risks and responsibilities that go along with the excitement. Even if you’re careful with your motorbike, there’s nothing that says that everyone around you will be equally carefully. This means that you are going to have to be on the alert for bad drivers. Motorbikes can reach high speeds, and that means that there’s always a… Read Article →

Steps to take in a Medical Negligence Case

Are you considering whether you should pursue a medical negligence case? You may have suffered due to an error by a medical professional and be looking for an apology or compensation. This article looks at some of the steps to take towards deciding if you have a case for legal action and pursuing a medical negligence case. Do you have a case worth pursuing? The first and most important thing… Read Article →

A Return to Setting Up Good Contracts

Hey there! Your law student is back, and I have something that I really want to discuss. I want to discuss contracts with you. Yes, I know that contracts aren’t sexy but they can really make all of the difference in the world when it comes to something that you really believe in. Gone are the days where you think that you can just go through life on a handshake…. Read Article →

What Does a Driving Offence Really Cost you?

If you’ve received a notice of prosecution for a driving offence through the post, consider seeking legal advice, because unless you have a reasonable defence, you’re in trouble. For most offences, you won’t be prosecuted if you were charged with a summons after 14 days, as by law, the police authorities must get in touch with you within this time period. Minor Offences Usually, minor offences appear in ticket form…. Read Article →

Are There Holes in Charity Law?

After the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005, which increases regulation within charities, greater faith has been placed in non-profit organisations. It’s been six years since the first charity act changed the way we regulate Scottish charities. The public can feel safer in the knowledge that their money directly goes towards a good cause than in the pockets of the undeserving. The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulatory (OSCR)… Read Article →

Divorce Doesn`t Have to Be Difficult!

Celebrity divorces involving acrimonious exchanges, vicious accusations and countless hours spent with lawyers are always big news. In the real world, however, divorce does not have to be the stressful and expensive business that some celebrity magazines would have you believe. In fact, if you and your partner have roughly the same ideas on how you want your divorce to proceed, it can be quick, relatively painless and costs can… Read Article →